I’m sorry for the long absence since my July post, but I injured my arm (more on that later) at the same time my 2006 laptop suffered a fatal injury.  I just upgraded to a 2008 for fifty bucks, and now I can get back to checking the weather forecast, sending e-mails, and posting now and then on The Farmer’s Pencil.  I’m hoping you will scroll down and read the latest posting  “A Market Most Advantageous To The Inhabitants.”  It was published last summer in “Tamworth As We See It”, a book that offered perspectives on our town at 250 years.  I offer my piece again in honor of a town I’ve loved for 27 of those 250 years, and also in honor of National Farmers’ Market Week.  I think it was last week, but really, who knew?

2 thoughts on “A Note From Bob

  1. I thought this was brilliant. So I forwarded it to my pal Gus Schumacher who started most of Massachusetts’ farmers markets when he was Commissioner of Ag. in MA, and who invented farmers market food stamps, farm to chef hookups, and much much more. keep up the great work! Susan


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  2. Dear Farmer,

    I love this posting about the Tamworth Market!

    Tamworth is one of my favorites places in the world and I’ve done a lot of traveling in my 75 years. The Saturday Market has its own charms. Quite unlike the vaunted French Marche or cozy Dutch Markt or exotic Morocan bazaars, it has its own happy personality and is a gem of an honest and friendly small town American market. It, and all its farmers, are to be encouraged, graciously and sincerely thanked, and applauded. Loudly.

    Priscilla Tempelman (Hazel and Felix’s grandmother)



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