I am Bob Streeter, a 58-year-old farmer in Tamworth, New Hampshire, and, like everybody else, I haven’t always been this old. During my 20’s and 30’s, homesteading, carpentry, and freelance writing filled my days in various rustic living situations around the country.

My wife, Amy, and I didn’t have our own two kids until our mid 30’s, so I always had a little bit of time each week to write. Most of my writing was a self-syndicated newspaper column accompanied by a photograph or pen and ink drawing, hoping to spread the word on the joys and struggles of rural life. I also got into the fray of big city op-ed pieces and occasional non-fiction magazine articles, but all of that seemed to fade away when we had our children and started farming here in Tamworth.

Cows, vegetable gardens, maple sugaring, bee keeping, hay making, wood splitting, and no writing. This blog is my little attempt to carve out a spot among the chores, to reflect on life from the vantage point of an old New England farm on the southern edge of the rugged White Mountains. No promises, no pressure. I’ll write when I can and thanks for tagging along.